Operating in an ethical and sustainable manner is central to the way we do business at New Look.

We want to do the right thing by the people we work with and the environments we operate in.

To us, this means taking into account all aspects of our work, improving the lives of the people we work with and minimising our environmental impacts in a way which makes business sense.

As a business, we act with conviction and take responsibility.

We’re working hard on everything from workers' rights to animal testing and our carbon footprint. We always try to get it right. When we do, we celebrate. When we don't, we learn for the next time.

Find out more about each of our sustainability focuses here and read about how important it is to our CEO Anders Kristiansen here.

You'll see that we've had plenty of successes. You'll also see we have a long way to go on our sustainability journey. Take a look through our sustainability pages to find out more.

Our Modern Slavery Statement is here.