Our Stores

Going for Green.

We operate in over 1,000 stores around the world, the majority in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We’ve focused on improving our stores’ energy efficiency in these 2 key markets. 

Our aim is to reduce energy consumption by getting rid of the wasteful electricity in our stores, every year. This means turning off store lights and air conditioning systems when they’re not needed.

To help us achieve our goal, we’ve installed Building Management Systems in over 200 of our UK and Eire stores, making sure we’re more resourceful when it comes to store lighting and air conditioning systems.


Each year we measure and report our carbon emissions in the UK as part of the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme. 

During 2011/12, we emitted a total of 65,887 tonnes of CO2, 14% lower than the previous year (76,779 tonnes 2010/11), underlining our success in improving our energy efficiency.


We also work hard to reduce the amount of solid waste we send to landfill from our offices and stores by increasing the amount we recycle.


During 2011/12 we recycled 71% of all waste from our UK stores, up from 64% the previous year. We achieved this by making best use of the trucks that deliver stock to our stores. Rather than returning empty, we fill them up with recyclable waste so that they can take this back with them to our Distribution Centre’s on-site recycling centre. This is known as "back-hauling”.

During 2011/12, we recycled a total of 4,195 tonnes of cardboard and plastic, up from 3,676 tonnes the previous year.


The New Look stores, support centres and distribution centre in the UK and Eire are low water users. But we know we can always improve. So we focus on preventing any water leakage that may occur across our property estate.


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