Changing our ways

Good environmental management is important to us. We examine how our business may impact the environment and then work to reduce those impacts. We do this by improving energy efficiency, reducing waste and minimising water use.

Safeguarding the environment supports the sustainability of our brand and it also makes good business sense.

We work hard to manage the environmental impacts of our stores, offices and distribution centres. We also focus on our indirect operations, like manufacturing and transporting our products through our supply chain, which have a much bigger impact on the environment.

In the last year we have focused our work in two areas: our network of stores and our key suppliers in China and Bangladesh.


Our Forest and Fabric Policy

We’ve developed our forest and fabric policy with NGO Canopy to demonstrate New Look’s support for our remaining ancient and endangered forests. Please read our Policy on Protecting Forests through our Fabric Choices.

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Every stage of the life cycle of our products has an environmental impact associated with it.

From the resources used to grow the cotton for our collections to the fuel consumed to distribute the latest designs to our stores to the way our customers care for their clothes, we’re taking important steps to reduce the environmental impact of our garments in our supply chain through our operations and like our consumers to play their part too.

We want our customers to understand and embrace more eco-friendly ways to care for their clothes. To do so, we’ve introduced the Clevercare symbol on New Look clothes as a way for our customers to find out more about how they can implement a set of simple actions to improve their impact on the environment when caring for their clothes, such as lowering the washing machine temperature. Small collective actions like this can lead to significant water and energy savings.

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