Taking a stand.

For us to help our suppliers meet our ethical aims, we need to make sure that our designers, buyers and merchandisers are helping them to do the right thing. This is key to the success of our ethical trading strategy, but is also one of our challenges.

Our fast fashion model and commitment to providing great products means that our commercial teams are focused on providing our customers with wearable and exciting fashions that are quick to react to the latest trends. We also need to make sure they think about the ethical factors. That's why all buyers, merchandisers and designers receive training on ethical issues and what they can do to help when they join the business. 

We work closely with our commercial teams to build their understanding of ethical trade and help them to make the most ethical choice. We do this through regular training, guidelines, newsletters and improved internal communications around ethical trade and sustainability. We also have regular meetings to ensure that everyone is up to date with ethical developments and that we’re working together to improve the ethical performance of our suppliers. 

We’ve received some great feedback from our buying and merchandising teams:

"After visiting our factories in Bangladesh, I continue to be amazed at the high standards that they achieve. New Look's commitment to ethical and improving the lives of workers makes me proud to work here. The open communication and discussions with factories and their owners gives us an in-depth understanding of the challenges they face on a daily basis. This means we can work together to resolve issues and make sure additional pressure isn't put on the factory workers."

"I learnt a lot from the ethical training - it was one of the most interesting courses I've been to! New Look is working on so many projects that I wasn't aware of before. The biggest learning for me was the impact my decisions can make on factories and workers. Now I know how to work in a way which meets our ethical objectives."

"Raising awareness of ethical trading across the company is definitely a good thing. This training has helped me to get a clear understanding of what New Look's ethical aims are and the role I can play in achieving them."